Your public safety communication system is arguably the most important tool you will use in a crisis. It’s one of your first lines of defense against a disaster, and it keeps people connected to emergency services during times of need. What else you can do to build up this guard line?

Why you should choose tow way radio

Two way radios are a good option for a public safety communication system because they can broadcast information to multiple people in one location. They also provide a great deal of security. Two way radios are cost-effective and reliable, which is great for any emergency response team. If you are interested in two way radio suppliers, Inrico won’t let you down.

What makes Inrico the best  two way radio supplier

Established in 2004 in Shenzhen, Silicon Valley of China, INRICO, a two-way radio supplier, is one of the world’s earliest and leading developers of push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) technologies. INRICO is known for its agile R&D and speed of launching new products. 30% of its revenue is invested in product development, and nearly 40% of the team members belong to R&D. Experienced hardware and software development engineers, strong technical support and a systematic training program lay a solid foundation for INRICO’s fast growth in the international markets.


The conclusion of this article was that, in order for public safety agencies to have good communication systems, choosing Inrico as  two way radio supplier would be a good start.

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