Website creation took you months. Content creation took you more time then you care to remember. You did every SEO technique you can think of, but there is a good chance that you actually forgot one. Don’t worry, many people forget this step. It happens to the best of us. Go back and do it, it could just increase your site traffic.

What step did you miss?

You possibly missed the site-map for your site. A site-map is simply a list of all the that your website contains that the search engines should know about when it comes time to spider or index your content.

This is the first step towards increasing your website traffic. Don’t wait for the search engines to subnautica map  find your site. Go ahead and submit it to them voluntarily. Submitting a site-map would be better – this will encourage the search engines to examine your site more often. Visits by the Search engine Spiders are a key way to increase website traffic.

Resubmit your site-map if you make major changes, but not for anything smaller. It’s better to have a blog giving latest details on minor changes.

The more pages your site contains, the better off you are to use a site-map. Google makes it even much easier by providing a site-map utility in their webmaster tools section. This list of Urls makes it easier for Google to index your content much faster.

It can also help other people find you much faster. The reason of this is because all of your pages have a chance of ranking individually. Since you have been targeting keywords all throughout your content, why take the chance that you might forget to submit a handful of the 100 plus pages you have already done. The site map can be updated and resubmitted when you add lots of new pages instead of waiting for each one to get picked up.

  1. Also consider using a site-map on your site itself. If you use a linkable site-map on your own website it will contain links to all your other pages. This increase your website traffic in two manners. People can find all your other pages in one quick location. Two, people will stay on your site longer looking at your other content. The more content they are reading, thee more likely they will also come back to read updates. Once they like and read your content, traffic will increase.

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