With almost 300 escape rooms in and round the LA area, there is a big difference between a great escape room and an amazing escape room. To have amazing escape room, you will need 2 things:

  1. A Unique Theme
  2. A Compelling Storyline.

The Maze Rooms would be the best escape rooms in LA.Offering a number of rooms, with numerous storylines, the Maze Rooms are the most escape room obvious option when you want a top quality, unique escape room. With over 23 different rooms to choose from, you’re sure to get the perfect room for you.

The puzzle complexity and story can range anywhere from saving Mount Olympus from the Titans to breaking the curse positioned on the Tree of Life to breaking out of a submarine, set on taking one to a prison on the underside of the ocean.


Now you should be thinking, “Well imagine if I wish to go to a different escape room near me, instead of certainly one of a Maze Room escape room?” That is clearly a perfectly valid, logical question. You can go to a different escape room. You may have a fairly fun time. But I guarantee that you won’t have exactly the same exciting experience there. Plus, with 7 different locations to choose from, traveling to at least one of their many locations won’t be an issue.


The price isn’t a concern either. It costs $35 – $38 per player band of 3 and up (depending on the location) and $49.50 – per player for several 2 people. Basically, if you like the most effective bang for the buck(and who doesn’t) bring friends and family. And escape rooms are usually more fun when completed with other people.Together you are able to pool all your collective brain cells together and solve the complex puzzles. Just remember that you will find strict age restrictions for a few of the rooms.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan ahead when deciding on the escape room that you intend to try. A number of the rooms especially focus on families while others are best completed with your spouse.If your brother, sister, family, or even your spouse is avoiding you, what better spot to work through your issues than an escape room? You will have to use teamwork and communication to escape. Teamwork builds stronger relationships and friendships. Or if you have nothing to complete and want something entertaining to accomplish this doesn’t include staring at a screen, escape rooms are great for you. Escape Rooms are great for birthdays and or parties too.

Why does this matter?

            Escape rooms are occasionally undervalued and aren’t usually your first thought when you are bored and want something to do. It shouldn’t be that way. Escape rooms benefit all participants a lot better than nearly any other non-athletic, enjoyable activity. They might require teamwork and logic both that are necessary in the actual world. But not absolutely all escape rooms were created equal. Therefore, next time you’re choosing an escape room in LA to go to, choose one of many Maze Room escape rooms. You won’t be disappointed.

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