Point-of-care testing products provided by POCT companies like Wondfo will be able to detect the disease at a lower cost and faster than current laboratory methods. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of point-of-care testing products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Application of POCT in COVID-19

POCT strives to bring the test closer to the patient. During patient consultations, it can produce rapid results that support the efficiency of clinical decision-making. The advantages of POCT are especially evident in the current COVID-19 pandemic. The use of POCT reduces time to results and improves infection control compared to PCR testing in the laboratory.

The benefits of point-of-care testing

Point-of-care testing is a growing trend in healthcare that offers many advantages for both patients and healthcare providers. Here are some benefits of point-of-care detection:

1. POCT is more convenient for patients. Patients don’t have to wait for an appointment to get their test results, which can be received quickly and easily at home or in the office.

2. POCT is more affordable for patients. Point-of-care testing is generally less expensive than traditional testing methods, such as lab tests or scans.

3. POCT can identify medical conditions earlier than traditional testing methods. For example, it can detect infections early, which can help prevent serious health problems.


Personalized care for people during COVID-19 is critical to the health and well-being of those affected by the virus. By considering a patient’s needs, POCT kits can identify early signs of disease, allowing patients to provide timely treatment before the disease becomes severe.

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