Certified High-Quality: Laparotomy Drape Made by Winner Medical

Laparotomy drape provides unique solutions for a range of treatments. Those drapes are hygienic, sterile, and of high quality, and they are perfect for specific types of surgeries. Winner Medical offers healthcare professionals high-quality, practical laparotomy drapes.

Excellent Design

As each surgery uses laparotomy drapes and the possible blood loss, it is important to ensure that the surgeon is operating normally without being affected by the large volume of blood exudation. To make up for the possible deficiency, Winner Medical produces laparotomy drapes using green and blue non-woven fabric. Other than having an extremely high absorption. even if the procedure lasts a while, the surgeon won’t have visual tiredness because of the reddish color caused by a large amount of blood exudation.

Assurance of Sterility

Winner Medical constantly prioritizes product safety while manufacturing surgical items, from the preparation of raw materials to the final result. And the sterility of the product must be the determining criterion that comes first in terms of safety. To maximize product cleanliness, Winner Medical utilizes caution while handling raw materials and relies on machinery for the bulk of the job. Winner Medical’s efficient and thorough industrial chain starts with the preparation of raw cotton and includes spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, and meticulous processing and disinfection of finished goods. The quality of our goods is ensured since the entire procedure requires practically no involvement from a third-party manufacturer and is carried out by their automated production process.

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