Every summer my sister and I are extremely impatient to get tan. We usually use various sun creams and sun oils. All stuff we used was supposed to help us get tan faster and deeper. Of course, we used only sun-protecting creams. We’re “big girls” already and we all know what the consequences of over exposure to the sun are. We have heard most of the warnings of doctors and specialists so we knew that individuals have to find alternative methods for getting a tan. Moreover, we really wanted to obtain a tan but sun exposure requires time. My sister told me that she had heard from her daughter about self-tanners. She claimed that my niece liked the outcome self-tanners were providing. From the moment I heard this I knew that I would give it a try.

Several years ago, I didn’t like the outcome of the self-tanners. From the the orange people I have met. People who used self-tanners were gaining an odd orange tint. My sister was certain that self-tanners aren’t still so bad. She claimed that the self-tanners have improved a lot.

Just two days after our conversation about self-tanners, I met my sister. I pointed out that she had gained a good healthy tan. self tanning lotion dark She told me she had applied a self-tanner three times after our previous conversation. She was very glad of the outcome the self-tanners gave but she only complained that knees and elbows were a little dirty looking. She admitted that she had not followed the instructions regarding the knees and the elbows.

I was so amazed of the outcome that the self-tanner had given that if our lunch I visited drug store to buy a self-tanner. I was surprised of the amount of different self-tanners that are on the market. There have been so many brands and prices – I was unable to choose. The self-tanners provided by well-known companies were quite expensive. I simply stated to see the labels of the self-tanners in order to make my decision easier.

I noticed another client of the drug store who had been having a good and healthy tan. I approached her and I asked her whether she had used a self-tanner. She told me that she had tried a self-tanner in the past. She told me also that she thought so it will be better for me personally to take a moisturizer with self-tanners in it. She’d found that moisturizers with self-tanners don’t cause discoloration of the palms or knees and elbows.

So, I decided to buy a moisturizer with self-tanner. Such product now is easier to utilize as you need to use it as a body lotion when you take a bath for example. I applied this type of self-tanner and after a couple of days, I pointed out that my skin has a wonderful tan. What’s more, the moisturizer with self-tanners was much cheaper compared to the other products. I found out that self-tanners don’t develop a platform for tanning in the sun. I was glad that I are finding a self-tanner that best matches my skin.

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